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Navistar Defense LLC, Warrenville was awarded by the U.S. Army TACOM LCMC an US$18,493 contract for the procurement of 42 general transport trucks, 34 lubricant trucks, and 25 water tanker trucks.

The French MoD procurement agency DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) has selected Zodiac Marine as the winner of ECUME NG project. The project comprises the delivery of rapid inflatable boats armed with machine guns to the French Navy (Marine Nationale) special forces.

The Zodiac Marine solution has been selected over VT Halmatic and UFAST proposals. UFAST UFR 9.30 boat has been previously selected by DCNS to equip the Gowind Hermès 1400 Tonnes offshore patrol vessel being built and to be operated for a period of three years by the French Navy but the company has moved its decision to a 9 meters long boat from Zodiac Marine.

At LAAD Defence & Security 2011, Swedish company SAAB AB is presenting a comprehensive array of solutions to meet ongoing and future Brazilian Armed Forces requirements.

The company who is locally implementing a research & development center will promote at the exhibition the GRIPEN NG combat aircraft, RBS-70 man portable air defence system, CIDAS compact integrated defence aid suite, AT4, NLAW and Carl Gustaf M3 anti-armour missile systems, ARTHUR weapon locating radar, BAMSE vehicle based air defence system, GIRAFFE AMB ground based air surveillance radar, LEDS situational awareness system for armoured vehicles, SEA GIRAFFE AMB and GIRAFFE LT naval surveillance radars, 9LV naval combat management system and SKELDAR V-200 unmanned aircraft system.

Other solutions like battle management systems, detection systems and communications systems are to be presented to the visitors.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati SpA is showcasing several systems at LAAD Defence & Security 2011 exhibition including Medusa MK4/B electro-optical system, the RAT31DL/M long range radar operating in L-band, a naval combat management system and C-Hound multifunctional C-Band radar system.

Through its subsidiary SELEX Sistemi Integrati do Brasil, the company aims to play an important role in Brazilian programmes like those for the Brazilian Navy (5 ocean patrol vessels, 1 logistic ship and 5 frigates), in the creation of large-scale homeland security systems (SISFRON and Amazonia Azul programmes), and security for major events such as the 2014 Football World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Oto Melara SpA will have on display at LAAD Defence & Security 2011 its STRALES naval weapon system, which includes a 76/62mm naval gun, the DART guided ammunition and a radio frequency guidance system with associated electronic system.

STRALES has been procured by Colombia as part a project to upgrade Almirante Padilla Class frigates.

Raytheon Company was awarded US$42 Million for the initial concept development and program planning for the SM-3 Block IIB naval missile system, which is the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) next-generation Aegis missile.

The company has delivered more than 130 SM-3s ahead of schedule and under cost as part of its contract with the Missile Defense Agency.