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Hawkei 3 hi-res

(Thales Australia Ltd).

Thales Australia Land & Joint Systems Ltd has unveiled a new 7 Tonnes 4×4 light protected vehicle. The vehicle developed in partnership with companies like Plasan Sasa Ltd, Boeing Defence Australia Ltd and PAC Group is called HAWKEI. HAWKEI can be fitted with a mount for heavy and light machine guns and a 40mm grenade launcher or with a remotely operated weapon station fitted with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun or with a 40mm grenade launching system like the General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products MK19 Mod 5, the General Dynamics Santa Bárbara Sistemas SA LAG SB or the Heckler & Koch GMG . The vehicle is being offered to the Australian DoD programme LAND 121 Phase 4 and will be probably offered this month to the United Kingdom LPPV (Light Protected Patrol Vehicle) project.

Hawkei 2 hi-res

(Thales Australia Ltd).


Following an EU (European Union) military strategy, Portugal is creating a joint special operations Head Quarter (HQ) under the responsability and to be implemented by the EMGFA (Estado Maior General das Forças Armadas) Armed Forces High Staff. Called QGOE (Quartel General de Operações Especiais), the HQ to be located at Portuguese Army Comando Operacional do Exército facilities in Oeiras, will be headed by a navy Captain or by an army Colonel, reporting directly to the EMGFA´s Comando Operacional Conjunto (COC) joint operational command formerly the Centro de Operações das Forças Armadas (Armed Forces Operations Center).

The QGOE role is to manage operational command tasks related with the Portuguese “Forças de Operações Especiais´´ (FOpEsp) special operations forces when employed in joint operations and training exercises. The QGOE feature also activities related with planning and coordination on combined joint operations along to provide collaboration on the definition of new joint doctrines in specific areas.

QGOE will include staff from the army BrigRR (Brigada de Reacção Rápida) brigade sub-units “Companhia de Precursores Aeroterrestres´´ and “Centro de Tropas de Operações Especiais´´ (CTOE) and from the Portuguese Navy Marine Corps “Destacamento de Acções Especiais´´ (DAE).

TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil (part of TAP Portugal) has delivered two EMBRAER SA ERJ-145 aircraft to GECAS (GE Capital Aviation Services), after performing check C maintenance works, which immediately went into operation with Brazilian transport airline PASSAREDO Linhas Aéreas. The aircraft, with serial numbers 145597 and 145607, were operated by PB AIR from Thailand, and have joined the fleet of the Brazilian company with tail numbers PR-PSH and PR-PSI, respectively.

PASSAREDO_PRPSH_BAIXA                             (TAP M&E Brazil).

The Portuguese Air Force Direcção de Comunicações e Sistemas de Informação (DCSI) has launched an urgent acquisition programme in order to procure communications devices and IT related systems to be distributed along Air Force staff deployed in Afghanistan.

Portuguese company EID Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica SA will deliver a new batch of around 30 CD-116 field Tactical Digital Switchboards to the Egyptian Army. The company is waiting the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) tests to deliver the systems.

comuncation EID

The company already delivered around 100 systems to Egypt. The CD-116 is also in service with the Portuguese and Malaysian armies. In Malaysia, the company delivered as well BLC-201 field telephone sets.

phone EID

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Portuguese company Sunviauto-Indústria de Componentes Automóveis SA is manufacturing the seats used on the Portuguese Army and Navy PANDUR II armoured vehicles. The company is doing that under a contract awarded by Steyr GmbH due to offsets obligations for the procurement of 260 vehicles.

Pandur chairs

It is understood that the company is also delivering seats used on the 107 Czech Republic PANDUR II vehicles. Czech PANDUR II KBVP (Kolových Bojových Vozidel Pěchoty) wheeled infantry fighting vehicle is manufactured by VOP 025 Nový Jičín SP, except for the first 17 and include sub-systems from local companies.

Portuguese company OGMA-Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal SA has completed Check 4 works on the first French SA 330 Puma medium transport helicopters under the contract awarded by the French MoD SIMMAD (Structure Intégrée du Maintien en condition opérationnelle des Matériels Aéronautiques du ministère de la Défense) agency. Before the end of 2009, a third helicopter will be checked. The Portuguese company carries also maintenance works on the French Air Force Lockheed Martin C-130H/C-130H-30 Hercules transport aircraft fleet. Regarding the C-130 aircraft, the company usually performs maintenance and limited upgrade works on Gabonese, Libyan, French, Spanish, Tunisian, Chadian, Portuguese and RCA C-130s.

french Puma

Under a contract awarded by Airbus Military, the company is involved with the Brazilian Air Force P-3BR Orion modernization programme. The programme include the integration of the FITS (Fully Integrated Tactical System) mission system. The first of 9 aircraft is planned to be delivered in December. EADS Airbus Military main partner in Brazil is Atech Tecnologias Críticas.