The Royal Air Force (RAF) has introduced the Merlin Merlin HC3A medium transport helicopter in Afghanistan. The fleet will  complement Chinook HC2/2A/3, Sea King HAR3/3A and Lynx MK9 aircraft already in theatre.


The TOR M2E short and medium range air defense missile system from Russian companies Almaz Antey Air Defence Concern JSC and Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant KUPOL JSC has been presented to the Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro) on November 25 in Brasília. The Brazilian Army is looking to procure an air defence system to protect national assets. The service have five batteries deployed across the country with IGLA missiles and GDF 01 and 40L70 guns. Companies like MBDA, SAAB and Rafael Ltd are expected to submit proposals. Chinese weapon system is seen as a competitor, A chinese made system has been showed in February during IDEX 2009 trade fair in Abu Dhabi.


(Rafael Ltd).

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has retired its DHC-4 Caribou tactical transport aircraft after 45 years of service.

The Russian Navy is looking to upgrade its weapon system inventory with the procurement of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, T-90 battle tanks, BRDM-3 armoured reconnaissance vehicles, BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers, 120 mm 2S31 Vena self-propelled guns, air defence systems and light weapons

French Renault Trucks Defense has been awarded a contract from the Chadian Ministry of Defence to deliver a batch of 64 logistic trucks. The fleet include 10 Midlum 240.14 fire tender 4×4 vehicles and 34 KERAX logistic vehicles (2 KERAX 436 6×6 VIP, 1 KERAX 380 6×6 with refrigerator shelter, 1 KERAX 380 6×6 with a generating set, 10 KERAX 380 8×8 flatbed, 20 KERAX 380 6×6 with flatbed and 20 KERAX 380 6×6 with 23 000 l tank). The fleet will be delivered within one year.


In January, the African country has already ordered 52 KERAX 440 6×6 trucks in different configurations like 20 fuel tank trucks, 20 flatbed configured trucks, 10 tractors with tank trailers and 2 heavy recovering configured vehicles.


Qatar Armed Forces has taken delivery of its first AW139 medium twin helicopter during an official ceremony held at AgustaWestland’s Vergiate plant in Italy. The aircraft will be operated by the Qatar Emiri Air Force supporting various government agencies to perform a range of roles including utility, troop transport, search and rescue, border patrol, special forces operations, law enforcement and homeland security. A contract for 18 units was signed in August 2008 which also included crew training and an initial spares package. Qatar becomes the third operator of AW139 helicopters following the Irish Air Corps and UAE Armed Forces.


Codan US Inc has launched MRZ Commander system rapidly deployable communications system designed to support robust High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications. The system is suited for a wide range of platform needs including headquarters, mobile and ground applications.