A FTX exercice held from May 13 to 20 called DRAGÃO 10 has been organized by the Portuguese Army Brigada de Intervenção (BrigInt) intervention brigade in order to train the capability to conduct command and control operations in a joint asymmetric warfare environment. The exercise held in a geographic area incorporating Celorico da Beira, Mêda and Trancoso cities has included military forces from the Portuguese Air Force, Portuguese Navy Fuzileiros as well as military personnel from the Brigada Mecanizada (BrigMec) and the Brigada de Reação Rápida (BrigRR) as well as 07 personnel from the Algerian Army.

The FTX exercise has been preceded by a CPX exercise held from April 19 to 29.

A Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) contingent composed by 116 troops from the “Toledo” battalion of Oviedo based Regimiento de Infantería Ligero Aerotransportable (RILAT) Nº3 “Príncipe” regiment has participated with Portuguese troops in SAGITÁRIO 10 annual cooperative exercise included in DRAGÃO. RILAT is a operational unit of the Pontevedra based BRILAT (Brigada de Infantería Ligera Aerotransportable) “Galicia VII” brigade.

A third exercise called ARMAGEDDON 10 as part of DRAGÃO has been conducted by the Portuguese Army CIMIC (Civil Military Cooperation) unit.


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