At EUROSATORY 2010 event, French Nexter Systems and its subsidiaries will display the ARAVIS highly protected vehicle, VBCI 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle, two CAESAR 155mm self-propelled artillery systems, the LECLERC battle tank, the AMX 10P VOA tracked vehicle fitted with SCIP 1 surveillance system, the ARX-20 remotely controlled weapon station installed on a VAB 6×6 armoured vehicle, the pod mounted M621 20mm, CTA International TOUTATIS and CTAS 40mm guns, LG-1 Mk III 105mm towed gun, DEMETER mineclearing device, ammunitions, SIT V1 battle management system and SAFEPRO armoured module for vehicles. In 2009, the company has delivered 116 VBCIs, 44 CAESAR units and has upgraded 60 AMX-10RC and 59 turrets. Nexter Systems is involved in a wide range of programme in cooperation with companies like GTD, BAE Systems, Thales, Sagem Défense Sécurité SA, Renault Trucks Defense and BAE Systems Bofors AB.


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