In mid May, French shipbuilder DCNS has started to build at its Lorient shipyard a GOWIND ocean patrol vessel to be manned during three years by the French Navy (Marine Nationale). The vessel called GOWIND Hermes will have a weight of 1100 Tonnes and will be 90 meters long, a top speed of 21 knots and autonomy of 8000 nautical miles. The vessel will be manned by a crew of 30 and have the capacity for 30 additional personnel.

The GOWIND family of patrol vessels is composed by the GOWIND Control, GOWIND Combat, GOWIND Presence and GOWIND Action. The fleet have a displacement from 1000 to 2500 Tonnes and a length from 85 to 105 meters.

A GOWIND vessel has been submitted in January to Brazilian Navy NaPaOc (Navio Patrulha Oceanico) 1800 Tonnes ocean patrol vessel programme. The vessel proposed is fitted with the POLARIS combat management system and armed with a single Oto Melara SpA Super Rapid 76mm gun.



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