NBC Sys has delivered three DEKVOZ (DEKontaminacne VOZiolo) integrated NBC decontamination systems to the Slovakian Army.

The modular decontamination solution has been integrated on a TATRA AS T815-7 heavy tactical 6×6 truck in cooperation with Inreka Plošiny AS, SMS Ltd and Vojenský Opravárenský Podnik AS.


BAE Systems Global Combat Systems has unveiled its BAE Systems Land Systems OMC Ltd RG41 8×8 wheeled armoured combat vehicle. RG41 has a weight of 30 Tonnes and a payload of 11 Tonnes. The vehicle is powered by a Deutz AG 2015TCD engine which is coupled to ZF Friedrichshafen AG 5HP902 automatic transmission.

The RG41 which transport 11 fully equipped soldiers including the driver can be fitted light and medium turrets and direct and indirect-fire weapons. It can be configured as a command post, infantry combat vehicle, ambulance, engineering vehicle or customised for various other tasks.

The vehicle has been presented equipped with BAE Systems Electronics Intelligence & Support LATIS (Local Tactical Information System) local situation awareness system, Check-6 infrared sensors and the new BAE Systems Land Systems Dynamics Ltd TRT-25 (Tactical Remote Turret) remotely controlled weapon station which is armed with a M242 Bushmaster 25mm gun, a 7.62mm light machine gun and four 76mm smoke grenade launchers and coupled to a electro-optical sight which include a laser range finder with a range of more than 12 km. The turret has a weight of 850 kg including ammunition and weapons and can be fitted with additional protection. TRT-25 can accept another guns like the M230 or the MK44 Bushmaster both of 30mm calibre and manufactured by ATK.

Regarding turrets, RG41 can be fitted as well with BAE Systems Land Systems Dynamics Ltd Missile Stabilised Turret (MST) surface to surface remotely operated weapon station. MST is armed with four Denel Dynamics Ltd INGWE precision guided missiles and sigthing systems as well as a 7.62mm light machine gun as an option.  The system can engage targets at distances between 200 and 5000 m. The launcher can be adapted to another anti-armour guided missiles and installed as well on 4×4 and 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicles said the company.

(BAE Systems Land Systems OMC Ltd).

MBDA Aster 30 missiles has been fired from the Italian Navy Orizzonte frigate D553 “Andrea Doria” and from the French Navy Horizon frigate D620 “Forbin” as well from UK trials barge “Longbow” at two different ranges in the Mediterranean sea.

The trials were conducted over a range of scenarios of steadily increasing complexity, culminating in a final trial featuring a salvo firing against a sea skimming target performing a high-g terminal manoeuvre.

ASTER 30 missiles form part of the PAAMS (Principal Anti-Air Missile System) air defence system fitted on two French Horizon frigates (D620 “Forbin” and D621 “Chevalier Paul”) built by DCNS and on two Italian Orizzonte vessels (D553 “Andrea Doria” and D554 “Caio Duilio”) built by Orizzonte Sistemi Navali SpA (a joint venture between FincantierI Cantieri Navali ItalianI SpA and Finmeccanica SpA). In the UK, ASTER 30 is part of Sea Viper system of Royal Navy T-45 Daring Cass ships being built by BAE Systems Surface ships. Italian, French and UK vessels use the DCNS developed SYLVER A50 (SYStème de Lancement VERtical) vertical launch system to fire the missiles.


Thales has signed an agreement with the Royal Navy of Oman to equip patrol boats and corvettes with VIGILE 200 and VIGILE 400 ESM (Electronic Support Measures) electronic systems.

The Vigile solution has been developed to monitor, measure and analyse electromagnetic signals, providing the crew with early warning, situation awareness and electromagnetic signals intelligence functions.

General Dynanics European Land Systems has unveiled a new version of the General Dynanics European Land Systems-Mowag GmbH EAGLE IV light armoured 4×4 tactical vehicle. The vehicle which has a combat weight of up to 10 Tonnes is called Next Generation EAGLE and features a higher payload of about 3300 kg, additional protection and a new Cummins Inc 250 hp engine with increased power providing a top speed of 110 km/h and as well as wider tires.

The vehicle presented by the company has been equipped with the RUAG Land Systems Ltd SidePRO-LASSO protection system and the BAE Systems Bofors AB LEMUR remotely controlled weapon station. The new EAGLE can be provided in a utility/logistic variant capable of carrying pallets or equipments.

OGMA-Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal SA has redelivered an EADS Airbus A319CJ (Corporate Jet) executive transport aircraft to White Airways SA after completing a heavy maintenance check.

White Airways SA which is owned by OMNI Aviation, is a Portuguese company licensed and certified for the non-regular transport of passengers and cargo, operating a fleet of two Airbus A310-300, two Airbus A320 as well as three Airbus A319CJ.

Steyr Daimler Puch Spezialfahrzeug GmbH (part of General Dynamics European Land Systems) will delivered next Autumn the first four of the 20 PANDUR II 8×8 armoured vehicles to the Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa) Corpo de Fuzileiros da Armada said the company to PoADU. Deliveries will be completed during 2011 added the company.

The first vehicle has been scheduled to be delivered at the end of 2009. The amphibian configuration of Portuguese PANDUR II has been trialed in Portugal few months ago.

Portuguese Navy PANDUR II also called VBLA (Viatura Blindada Ligeira Anfíbia) has been procured in four different configurations composed by 13 troop carriers armed with 12.7mm heavy machine guns, 3 command post vehicles fitted with EID Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica SA PRC 525 tactical communications systems, 2 mortar carrier vehicles fitted with the Soltam Systems Ltd CARDOM 120 mortar system and as well 2 infantry fighting vehicles fitted with the Elbit Systems Ltd UT-30 (Unmanned Turret) remotely controlled weapon station coupled to an Alliant Techsystems Inc MK-44 30mm automatic gun and the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd SPIKE LR (Long Range) multi-purpose missile.

As part of the Portuguese Ministry of Defence VTLB (Viatura Táctica Ligeira com Blindagem) 4×4 light armoured vehicle programme which is conducted by the (Direcção Geral de Armamento e Infra-Estruturas de Defesa) procurement agency, the Portuguese Navy Fuzileiros will receive up to 33 vehicles.