Thales Air Systems has developed a new air defence system coordination module. The command and control system called ECS (Engagement Control Station) allow the coordination, classification, engagement and destruction of incoming aerial threats like aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and UAVs. ECS is coupled to a Thales Air Systems GroundMaster 200 radar system and a missile based air defence multi-mission system composed by a wheeled 4×4 light armoured vehicle which have a turret armed with four surface to air missiles and a EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) sensor, to man-portable surface to air missiles launchers or even to air defence guns.

With the Thales Air Systems GroundMaster 200 radar, the ECS is capable to cover an area up to 250 km at an azimuth of 360º and engage simultaneously 200 targets. This combination is called SHIKRA-200.

The configuration seen by PoADU on June 03 is installed on a EuroShelter made 20 feet container which is mounted on a Panhard General Defense TC-54 heavy tactical 4×4 truck. The module feature three workstations each one fitted with a Samsung SyncMaster 2443 monitor. Two Thales Communications PR4G tactical radios and a Thales SOTAS IP intercom system form part of the ECS module. Order to fire the missile can be transmitted by the commander using a JLT Mobile Computers AB JLT8404 handheld rugged computer which is positioned outside the shelter.

ECS is interoperable with other detection systems like the Thales Air Systems GroundMaster 60 and ThalesRaytheon Systems GroundMaster 400 radars or with a detection system from a different provider if the customer requests a different solution or even it with a system already operated by the customer.

GroundMaster 60 have a range up to 80 km and 4 GroundMaster 400 a range of 470 km.


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