BAE Systems Global Combat Systems has unveiled its BAE Systems Land Systems OMC Ltd RG41 8×8 wheeled armoured combat vehicle. RG41 has a weight of 30 Tonnes and a payload of 11 Tonnes. The vehicle is powered by a Deutz AG 2015TCD engine which is coupled to ZF Friedrichshafen AG 5HP902 automatic transmission.

The RG41 which transport 11 fully equipped soldiers including the driver can be fitted light and medium turrets and direct and indirect-fire weapons. It can be configured as a command post, infantry combat vehicle, ambulance, engineering vehicle or customised for various other tasks.

The vehicle has been presented equipped with BAE Systems Electronics Intelligence & Support LATIS (Local Tactical Information System) local situation awareness system, Check-6 infrared sensors and the new BAE Systems Land Systems Dynamics Ltd TRT-25 (Tactical Remote Turret) remotely controlled weapon station which is armed with a M242 Bushmaster 25mm gun, a 7.62mm light machine gun and four 76mm smoke grenade launchers and coupled to a electro-optical sight which include a laser range finder with a range of more than 12 km. The turret has a weight of 850 kg including ammunition and weapons and can be fitted with additional protection. TRT-25 can accept another guns like the M230 or the MK44 Bushmaster both of 30mm calibre and manufactured by ATK.

Regarding turrets, RG41 can be fitted as well with BAE Systems Land Systems Dynamics Ltd Missile Stabilised Turret (MST) surface to surface remotely operated weapon station. MST is armed with four Denel Dynamics Ltd INGWE precision guided missiles and sigthing systems as well as a 7.62mm light machine gun as an option.  The system can engage targets at distances between 200 and 5000 m. The launcher can be adapted to another anti-armour guided missiles and installed as well on 4×4 and 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicles said the company.

(BAE Systems Land Systems OMC Ltd).


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