After having been displayed at EUROSATORY 2010 international exhibition but showed to few guests, Nexter Systems is publicly unveiling its XP2 6×6 armoured vehicle before to resume a second trials campaign.

A first campaign took place from November 2009 to April 2010.

XP2 includes major improvements in the field of mobility, protection, ergonomics, human factors, “green rules” compliance and vetronics.

XP2 is fitted with a remotely controlled weapon station, two manned mast mounted light machine guns installed in the rear, large windows laterally integrated in the hull and a comprehensive situational awareness system. Both light machine guns are protected by a large panel that includes two small windows to provide gunners with vision to the rear. The hull seems to be fitted with extra armour which is probably the SAFEPRO SlatAlu from Nexter Systems.

The vehicle has been developed by the company as a technology demonstrator to test design solutions and advanced technologies in order to meet French MoD procurement agency DGA (Délégation Génerale de l´Armement) EBRC (Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et Combat) and VBMR (Véhicule Blindé Multi Rôle) armoured vehicles programmes.

EBRC and VBMR are both included on the French Army SCORPION project being conducted by the DGA LTO (Laboratoire Technico-Opérationnel) technical laboratory and awaiting a final decision regarding the winner.

EBRC programme cover the delivery from 2018 of around 300 armoured reconnaissance vehicles to replace AMX-10 RC, AMX-10 RC Rénové and ERC-90 Sagaie vehicles.

From 2015, the French Army will start to receive light and heavy versions of VBMR which is intended to replace the VAB (Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé) personnel carrier.

Renault Truck Defense has also developed two new designs called AMC and AMC40.

At its EUROSATORY 2010 stand, the company presented the solutions which include an integrated package comprising the delivery, training and logistic support

The new family of 6×6 vehicles which has been presented by the company to few guests inside a “black room´´, includes a large use of vetronics and mechanical components sourced in the civilian market.

AMC include a personnel carrier, command post, ambulance and recovery while AMC40 is fitted with a turret armed with a 40mm gun.

(Nexter Systems).


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