A computer based training system to train Portuguese Army PANDUR 2 infantry fighting vehicles crews is being installed at the Vila Real based Regimento de Infantaria Nº13 (RI 13). RI 13 hosts the first Infantry Batallion (1º Batalhão de Infantaria) part of the Brigada de Intervenção (BrigInt). Eight IFVs are to equip the battalion. The BrigInt will receive a total of 30 PANDUR 2 IFVs.

The system developed by the Portuguese company Empordef Tecnologias de Informação SA (part of EMPORDEF-Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa SGPS SA) allow  the crews of PANDUR 2 IFV configured vehicles to practice engagement tasks in operational simulated scenarios.

The system is mainly focused on the operation of the General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr GmbH SP 30 turret and its sub-systems but it can simulate as well Theon Sensors SA NX-199A driver night vision viewer, the engine, transmission and other components associated to the vehicle.

The company has developed the system in cooperation with the German company e.sigma Systems GmbH under the PANDUR 2 contract offsets agreement.

The training system contract has been signed between the Portuguese company and General Dynamics European Land Systems-Steyr GmbH in 2007. The terrain scenario has been provided by Portuguese Army IGeoE (Instituto Geográfico do Exército).

For voice exchange between the displays, the system use VoIP (Voice over IP) transmission and Ethernet based UDP/IP (User Datagram Protocol/ Internet Protocol) for data´s transmission. Simulated data’s are distributed by DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) protocols.

Note that all the networked computers and associated accessories are COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) based hardware.

The SP 30 turret is armed with a 30mm Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH MK 30-2  automatic gun, two  FN Herstal SA MAG 58 light machine guns and smoke grenades launchers.

The turret includes a Elbit Systems Land & C4I Ltd TDS (Threat Detection System) laser warning system, Elbit Systems Electro-optics-Elop Ltd TIB (Thermal Identification Beacon) mast mounted device, eye-safe laser range finder, turret and weapons control units, a fire control system, commander and gunner sights as well as a EID-Empresa de Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Electrónica  SA P/ICC 201 terminal.

The TIB is probably the MS-OMR III (Multi Spectral, Omni, Medium Range) device developed and manufactured by Thermal Beacon Ltd company. It is understood that Elbit Systems Ltd has contracted the previous company to build and deliver the devices under the designation of TIB.

(Empordef Tecnologias de Informação SA).

(Empordef Tecnologias de Informação SA).

(Empordef Tecnologias de Informação SA).

(GDELS-Steyr GmbH).

(GDELS-Steyr GmbH).

(GDELS-Steyr GmbH).



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