During the NATO Summit to be held in Lisbon on November 19 and 30, the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who is attending the meeting will may announce the name of the company which will be responsible to build and deliver command and projection vessels to the Russian Navy.

French DCNS and STX France SA proposed the BPC MISTRAL (Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement) and Spanish shipbuilder Navantia SA its BPE (Buque de Proyección Estratégica). A Korean shipbuilder seems to have offered an undisclosed design. The vessel to be selected is to be partially built in Russia by companies like FSUE “Admiralty Shipyards”, OAO Ship-Building Yard Severnaya Verf or JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation” (OCK). This last company is teaming with the French consortium.

BPC is in service with the French Navy (Marine Nationale). The country operates two vessels (L9013 FS “Mistral” and L9014 FS “Tonnerre”) and will receive a third (L9015 FS “Dixmude”). DCNS is actively promoting its BPC family of multi-purpose ships in countries like Portugal, Canada, South Africa and Turkey. The MISTRAL family landing helicopter/platform docks includes also the smaller Mistral 140 which is 169 meters long.

The Spanish Navy (Armada Española) operates a single unit which is named L61 SPS “Juan Carlos I”. Navantia SA has sold two units to Australia. The vessels LHD 1 HMAS “Canberra” and LHD 2 HMAS “Adelaide” of Canberra Class are to be operated by the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) from 2014 and 2015 respectively. Australian company BAE Systems Australia Ltd is involved with the vessels construction.

The Lisbon NATO Summit can be visited on the internet at http://www.natolisboa2010.gov.pt





(Navantia SA).


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