Italian company Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei SpA (WASS) has completed the delivery of 24 IF21 Black Shark heavyweight torpedoes to the Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa).

The batch of 24 wire-guided 533mm torpedoes procured thought the Portuguese military hardware trader COIS-Comércio Internacional e Serviços Lda includes training torpedoes. The weapon systems are to be operated from the two Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft GmbH (part of Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems AG) U209PN submarines of Tridente Class (S167 NRP “Tridente” and S168 NRP “Arpão”).

The software used on the fire control display has been developed by the Portuguese company EDISOFT-Empresa de Serviços e Desenvolvimento de Software SA. Portuguese shipbuilder Arsenal do Alfeite SA will be responsible to provide maintenance works on the torpedoes.

The torpedo is manufactured in collaboration with French shipbuilder DCNS and includes batteries from SAFT.

The Black Shark torpedo is in service with Chile, France and Italy navies and has been selected by Brazil.


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