An operator of heavy battle tanks who need a protected heavy recovery vehicle but can´t afford the acquisition of a battle tank based combat recovery vehicle, Daimler Chrysler AG of Germany is proposing its ACTROS 4151 AK heavy tactical truck.

The vehicle is fitted with a recovery body developed by EMPL Fahrzeugwerk GmbH and a protected cab which include safety glass from Oran Safety Glass Inc. It is understood that the armoured kits are provided by South African company LMT Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

The recovery vehicle body is fitted with remote control of all body components and with data monitoring (pressure, temperature, etc) for cranes, winches and recovery equipment.

In Portugal, EMPL Fahrzeugwerk GmbH has delivered a EH/TC 30.000 heavy duty recovery vehicle to the Portuguese Navy Fuzileiros which is based on a Daimler Chrysler AG ACTROS 3340.


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