According the international tender launched on October 5, the Russian federation has selected a French design to equip it navy with a fleet of command and amphibious assault vessels.

The French presidency has publicly released on Friday 24 that Russian head of state Dmitry Medvedev has selected the French Mistral design which has been proposed by a consortium formed by French companies DCNS and STX France and the Russian shipbuilder JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation”.

This deal yet to be firmed is the first major military hardware procurement by Russia to a NATO country.

A first batch of two vessels will be built by the consortium and a second pair is as well being considered.

MISTRAL has been selected over vessels from Spanish Navantia SA and Dutch DSNS (Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding) shipbuilding companies.

The modularity of the vessel type allow him to perform a wide array of roles including forward presence, force projection, logistic support, humanitarian aid, medical support, disaster relief and command ship functions. The propulsion is customizable by the operator.

The French Navy (Marine Nationale) operates two Mistral Class 21,239 Tonnes and is 199,75 Meters long vessels (L9013 FS “Mistral” and L9014 FS “Tonnerre”) which are designed BPC (Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement). A third BPC boat (L9015 FS “Dixmude”) is being built by STX France and is to be delivered to its customer in mid 2012.

The vessels in service are equipped with the SENIT 9 (Système d’Exploitation Navale des Informations Tactiques) combat management system , Thales Nederland MRR3D NG long range multi-role surveillance radar, two DRBN-38A (Sperry Marine Northrop Grumman BridgeMaster E 250) navigation radars, Thales Alenia Space SYRACUSE III satellite communications system, Thales Communications FICS (Fully Integrated Communication System) communications suite, Thales Airborne Systems ARBR 21 (DR 3000S) radar warning receiver and Elite electronic support measure system.

Armament consist of two MBDA SIMBAD twin MISTRAL short range surface to air missiles weapon stations, three 30mm guns mounts and four 12,7mm heavy machine guns mounts.

DCNS propose as well a smaller configuration which is called Mistral 140. This variant has a weight of 14000 Tonnes, a size of 169 Meters and a range of up to 6000 nm.




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