France’s Ministry of Defence procurement agency DGA (Délégation Générale de l´Armement) has ordered 1175 JIM LR2 (Jumelle Infrarouge Multi-fonction-Long Range) long-range multi-function infrared binoculars to the French company Sagem SA. These new generation systems are to be delivered to all French Armed Forces services. The package contracted includes 500 remote control tactical terminals and training for users and maintenance staff.

DGA contracted 850 first generation JIM LR sights in 2005 to equip the French Army (Armée de Terre) including the FELIN (Fantassin à Equipement et Liaisons INtégrés) soldier system. JIM LR is fully interoperable with FELIN information and battle management system.

The JIM LR2 has been developed according operational feedback received from the JIM LRs used by French military forces deployed in Afghanistan.

JIM LR includes a cooled thermal imager, a day imager, the laser pointer, an integrated positioning system, a USB port, a display, calibration and processing software. Digital Magnetic Compass and eye-safe laser range finder devices fitted on the binoculars are manufactured by Sagem SA subsidiary Vectronix AG.

The new version feature a increased detection and identification range, increased target designation range, thanks to a more powerful pointer and better image fusion between the visible and infrared channels.

JIM LR can be linked to a RVM 08P terminal to allow remotely controlled observation and to Instro Precision Ltd ROSS (Remote Observation Support System) tele-operated mount.

JIM LR are in service with several armed forces including Canada, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, United States, United Kingdom Germany and Switzerland and with police forces of Canada, Slovenia, Bulgaria e Romania.


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