French shipbuilder DCNS has been awarded a contract by the French Navy (Marine Nationale) fleet support service SSF (Service de Soutien de la Flotte) to provide through-life support services for five La Fayette Class 3600 Tonnes frigates over a period of five years (2011 to 2015).

The MCO (Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle) contract worth over EUR60 Million cover maintenance works on F710 FS “La Fayette”, F711 FS “Surcouf”, F712 FS “Courbet”, F713 FS “Aconit” and F714 FS “Guépratte” vessels based at Toulon naval base which is located in the South of France.

DCNS will start to perform works under this contract firmed on December 17 by the end of March said the company to TNS.

F711 FS “Surcouf” is to be the first vessels to be overhauled by DCNS according the contract and it will be carried at the same time the ship is laid up for a scheduled refit. The fleet has been built by DCNS.

French Navy La Faytte Class vessels are equipped with eight MBDA Exocet MM40 Block 2 surface to surface missiles, a single CROTALE CN2 short range air defence turreted system, a 100mm turreted gun, two DAGAIE decoy launchers and two 20mm guns.

15 vessels based on the La Fayette Class has been built and delivered to countries like Saudi Arabia (three Al Riyadh Class vessels), Taiwan (six Kang Ding Class units) and Singapore (Formidable Class). ST Marine Ltd shipbuilder of Singapore built locally five of the six vessels contracted.



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