The Spanish shipbuilding company Navantia SA has delivered in January 18 the last Fridtjof Nansen Class frigate to the Norvegian MoD material procurement organization NDLO (Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation). F-314 HNoMS “Thor Heyerdahl” is the last of five 5130 Tonnes F-310 frigates ordered in June 2000 to fit the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNN).

F-310 is armed with the Kongsberg Defence Systems Naval Strike Missile (NSM) anti-ship and land-attack missiles, BAE Systems Sting Ray Mod 1 lightweight torpedoes, Raytheon RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missile (ESSM) surface to air missiles, and Oto Melara SpA Super Rapid turret. The vessel is equipped with the Lockheed Martin AEGIS combat system which comprise the AN/SPY-1F radar system.

F-310 frigate is based on the F-100 design. Spain has procured five F-100 frigates and Australia has ordered three units.

Navantia SA will deliver soon a proposal to the Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil) which includes three surface vessels designs including an F-100/F-310 based vessel.

(Navantia SA).

(Navantia SA).


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