French company Nexter Systems has presented its CAESAR (Camion Équipé d’un Système d’Artillerie) 155mm self-propelled artillery system to the Portuguese Army (Exército Português). The presentation has been made in December 2010 at the Portuguese Army High Staff (Estado Maior do Exército-EME) premises and has included an audience composed by around twelve personnel from field artillery units.

CAESAR is in service with armies of France and Thailand where they are based on Renault Trucks Defense SHERPA 5 6×6 heavy tactical trucks. The SANG (Saudi Arabian National Guard) has procured several systems based on DaimlerChrysler AG Unimog U5000 vehicles modified by French Soframe company.

The French army operates CAESAR systems in Afghanistan and in Lebanon. Nexter Systems has presented in June an improved configuration called CAESAR Mk2.

Portugal is considering the acquisition of around eighteen 155mm systems to replace the M114A1s in service with a field artillery unit part of the Brigada de Intervenção (BrigInt) brigade.

The BAE Systems Global Combat Systems M777A2 lightweight towed howitzer is seen as the favorite solution but the CAESAR is seen as a serious candidate.

Nexter Systems is represented in Portugal by Antero Lopes Lda.

(Nexter Systems).

(Nexter Systems).

(Nexter Systems).

(Nexter Systems).

(Nexter Systems).


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