As part of a contract awarded by the Finish company Patria Land Systems Oy, Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB will deliver a complete advanced protection package for the wheeled armoured vehicles procured by the Swedish Ministry of Defence procurement agency FMV (Försvarets Materiel Verk).

Sweden has procured a total of 113 AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) XC360 armoured vehicles under the AWW (Armoured Wheeled Vehicle) programme which include an option to order 113 additional vehicles.

The vehicles will begin to be delivered in 2012 and will be in operational service in 2014.

It is understood that the solution to be installed on the vehicle is the IBD Deisenroth Engineering AMAP-ADS (Advanced Modular Armour Protection-Active Defense System) active protection system. Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB is owned by the German company IBD Deisenroth Engineering.

The engine, steel, suspension, electronics will also come from other Swedish companies.

(Patria Land Systems Oy).

(Janusz Walczak).


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