Poland based company PZL- Świdnik SA which is owned by AgustaWestland has delivered four W-3PL Głuszec multi-role combat helicopters to the Polish Land Forces.

According a contract firmed in 2006 between the Polish Ministry of Defence and PZL- Świdnik SA, the Polish company has upgraded four W-3 Sokół helicopters to the W-3PL Głuszec standard. Additional W-3 Sokół helicopters could be upgraded to the combat configuration.

The modernization was implemented to enhance its capabilities for a range of missions including troop transport, Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and air to ground attack.

The helicopter is now equipped with a 4-axis AFCS, engines with FADEC, an NVG-compatible cockpit with multi-function displays, floor and cockpit doors armoured protection, an IFF, a radar warning receiver, infra-red warning receiver, chaff and flare dispensers, an inertial navigation system with GPS, a TACAN, VOR/ILS, DME and a digital map.

A range of weapon systems integrated with a turreted sighting system include rocket launchers, a pod fitted with a 23mm gun, a mine laying system a turreted 12,7mm heavy machine gun.



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