The German Government through the Ministry of Defence procurement directorate BWB (Bundesamt fur Wehrtechnik and Beschaffung) is looking to replace the German Navy (Deutsche Marine) Sea King MK41 naval helicopters with a new model.

Looking to win the replacement project, two competitors have emerged, the German Multi-Role Helicopter Team (GMRHT) and NH Industries.

Led by United States Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, GMRHT is proposing in collaboration with Rheinmetall Defence AG, RUAG Aviation Ltd and MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH the Cyclone helicopter which has been designated MH92 (Marinehubschrauber 92). Cyclone has been procured by Canada where is called CH-148 Cyclone.

Europe based NH Industries is proposing the MH90 which is a German version of the NH90 NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) helicopter already procured by France, Italy, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian and Belgian navies have ordered a total of 111 NH90 NFH naval helicopters.


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