Two Norwegian Army BAE Systems Hägglunds AB CV9030N 28 Tonnes infantry fighting vehicles have been using rubber tracks in northern Afghanistan since December.

Canadian company Soucy International Inc has produced and delivered the tracks while BAE Systems Hägglunds AB has qualified the system in full-scale trials. The tracks reduce vehicle weight and they also cut noise by a massive 10dB and vibration levels by 65%.

As part of the upgrade by BAE Systems US Combat System of the Norwegian Army M113 armoured personnel carrier to the M113E3 standard contracted by the Norwegian MoD procurement organization FLO (Forsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon), the fleet is receiving rubber tracks from Soucy International Inc.

Armoured vehicles fitted with rubber tracks from Soucy International Inc include as well as the Danish M113A3DK vehicles. The vehicles used in Afghanistan received as well the SidePRO-LASSO (Light Armour System against Shaped Ordnance) slat armour system from RUAG Land Systems Ltd which includes mesh nets from Geobrugg AG. The integration has been carried out by the German company Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH (FFG).

BAE Systems has submitted the CV90 vehicle equipped with rubber tracks from Soucy International Inc to the Canadian CCV (Close Combat Vehicle) programme which cover the acquisition of 108 vehicles, with an option for up to 30 additional vehicles.

(BAE Systems).

(BAE Systems).


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