Thales Nederland BV has added new features to its well know SOTAS armoured vehicle intercom system. New developments to improve situational awareness capability include SOTAS SmartServer and SOTAS SmartVAS-12 systems.

SOTAS SmartServer enables a smooth integration into a more extended SOTAS m2 with IP solutions offering networking, tactical internet including IP over radios and wide area system access via telephone services such as POTS and VOIP. Its modular architecture allows the integration of new capabilities and interfaces in areas like the tactical internet and the network centric warfare.

The system is currently available in functions like WAVE which enables VOIP with the WAVE application, vetronics to to control and monitor by web the vehicle electronics on a CAN bus and to control the optronic cameras by web. Video steaming and CAN control function is also available to control cameras via web, video and audio streaming over IP daylight, night vision and infra-red surveillance cameras.

SOTAS SmartVAS-12 feature enhanced situational awareness capability in the battlefield thanks to a one ruggedized box solution which provides video digitization and distribution. The system includes 12 video input channels, MPEG-4 video compression and an IP based video streaming server. Its main task is to digitize a high number of camera analog inputs and service applications in the network in need to view the digitized video. All videos inputs can be distributed to multiple stations, computers and applications simultaneously. Audio can be also captured of what´s going on. The system provides 360º monitoring around the vehicle, monitoring of the vehicle cameras (including the remotely controlled weapon station camera) and compound security, as part of the video monitoring system

SOTAS systems have been fielded in over 24 countries in over 100 vehicles types.



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