As part of the Joint Battle Command – Platform (JBC-P) handheld programme, the U.S. Army has awarded General Dynamics C4 Systems a US$2.3 Million contract to provide a prototype, handheld battle command capability that will enable unprecedented network connectivity and increased command, control and situational awareness for dismounted soldiers and Marines.

The company will provide the rugged, eight-ounce GD300 tactical computer that hosts an ‘apps-friendly’ operating system. Designed to provide dismounted users with situational awareness of events, people and structures, along with chat and texting capabilities, the GD300 also delivers position location information and access to popular military software ‘apps’ like the Tactical Intelligence Ground Reporting (TIGR) system. When connected to a the AN/PRC-154 Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) system or the Iridium satellite communications handset, users will be able to make voice, video or data contact whether in close proximity or miles apart.

Initial deliveries are scheduled for September 2011 with the delivery of 40 prototype handheld devices for user evaluation and feedback. During the second phase of the program, up to 250 JBC-P interoperable handheld devices may be purchased as part a contract option.


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