The Ukrainian “State Company Ukrspecexport” has presented at IDEX 2011 defence international trade event held between February 20 to 24 in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) two upgrade packages for the T-72 battle tank and for the BMP-1 tracked infantry fighting vehicle.

The first vehicle which is called T-72B includes the installation by the “State Enterprise Kharkiv Armoured Tank Repair Plant ” of a 5TDFMA 1050 hp diesel engine, additional protection in the turret, explosive reactive modules, an auxiliary power unit, navigation system, a nuclear biological , a NBC protection system and an air-conditioning system.

For the second vehicle which adopts the designation of BMP-1M, the company propose the 13.7 Tonnes amphibious vehicle equipped with Shkval overhead manned weapon station. Shkval system is armed with a ZTM-1 dual-feed 30mm gun, a KT-7 coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, a 30mm BKA-117 automatic 30mm grenade launcher, 902V 81mm smoke grenade launchers and two Bar’er laser-guided anti-tank missiles and equipped with SVU-500 stabilization system, PZU-7M auxiliary sight, Tandem 2 day/night sighting system with integrated laser range finder and TNPO-170 periscopes. The BMP-1M has a cruising road range of 550/600 km/h, a top speed of 65 km/h and is capable to transport 10 elements including the commander, driver, gunner and 7 fully equipped troops. The propulsion consists of a UTD-20 diesel engine with 300hp.

The company has also displayed the 48 Tonnes Oplot battle tank and as well the BTR-4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier equipped with PARUS remotely controlled weapon station. Both vehicles are built by “SOE Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau”.

“State Company Ukrspecexport” is a company for export and import of military and special products and services.


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