Russian companies JSC “Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant” and OJSC Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” unveiled an upgrade configuration of the tracked armoured vehicle based ZSU-23-4 SHILKA self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system.

The new 19.2 Tonnes system called ZSU-23-4M4 SHILKA comprise along the existing four AZP-23 23mm guns, a new fire control system with a detection range of 12000 meters and a tracking range of 10000 meters, a digital signal processor, counter measure capability, a digital computing system, a digital instrument tracker, s NBC protection system, a automatic fire-suppression system, a climate control system, front and rear cameras and a LCD display for the driver. The upgrade comprise as well as the overhaul of the existing systems and the modernization of the GM-575 carrier.

As options, the system could also receive a twin firing unit for IGLA type short range surface to air missiles,  a laser warning system, a new diesel engine, a situational awareness system and smoke grenade launchers.

ZSU-23-4M4 SHILKA could be linked to the PPRU-M1 mobile reconnaissance and control unit to serve as the command post for an integrated air defence network. ZSU-23-4M4 SHILKA has a top speed of 60 km/h and a maximum autonomy of 400 km.


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