French company ACMAT SA which is owned by Renault Trucks, has recently showed its ALTV wheeled multi-purpose light armoured tactical vehicle.

ALTV air-transportable range comprises the ALTV SC 2-seater single cab and the ALTV DC 4-seater double cab. Several configurations are available including patrol, troop carrier, shelter carrier, utility and special forces carrier.

The ALTV DC 4×4 vehicle has a gross weight of 3500 kg, a top speed of 170 km/h, a payload of 1500 kg and a cruising range of 1600 km. It can transport 10 soldiers.

The vehicle is fitted with a DIN EN.1522/1063 Level B4+ armoured cab, STANAG 4569 Level 1 mine protection, ballistic glass, two 20 litres jerricans, a runflat device, communications systems, pioneer tool kit, a climate control system, one spare wheel under the chassis and a tool box for maintenance.

The vehicle can be armed with a heavy or a light machine gun, a 40mm grenade launcher, a anti-tank missile launcher or a surface to air missile launcher.  Add-on armour and gunner protection can be added.


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