Following a comprehensive review of its Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program, the US Army announced that it has cancelled the original contract solicitation and will issue a revised Request for Proposals (RFP) within 60 days.

GCG is intended to replace M2A3/M3A3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles from 2017.

The GCV study called Red Team was conducted by the Army and the Office of Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (OSD AT&L).

The contract cancellation was made at the earliest stage of the acquisition process, resulting in up to a six month delay of the program, which will best ensure the long-term success of the GCV program by better aligning vehicle capabilities with the anticipated needs of future combat operations said the US DoD (Department of Defence).

Three consortiums are competing to the GCV project namely SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) teaming with Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH, Krauss Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG and Boeing which propose a solution based on the Projekt System und Management GmbH PUMA tracked armoured vehicle which has been ordered by the German MoD BWB (Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung) procurement agency.

BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman Information Systems are proposing an hybrid version of the well know BAE Systems Hägglunds AB CV90 vehicle to date procured by Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland.

A third consortium headed by GDLS (General Dynamics Land Systems) which comprise as well General Dynamics C4 Systems, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control e Raytheon propose an unknown vehicle probably a modified General Dynamics European Land Systems ASCOD 2 (Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development). ASCOD is in service with Spain and Austria and has been selected by the United Kingdom.

(Krauss Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co KG).


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